Continental Hospitals give new lease of life to a patient with “ruptured liver abscess” and life-threatening COVID infection

19-11-2020 Thu 15:11

  • Treated through advanced minimal invasive therapy
Hyderabad, November 19th, 2020: A team of experts from Continental Hospitals, one of the leading healthcare providers in the city, gave a new lease of life to a patient who suffered from a life-threatening ruptured liver abscess and severe COVID infection-causing ARDs.
A native of Vijayawada, a 46-year-old gentleman, was rushed to the hospital on his condition turning grave. Covid-19 pneumonia made the patient’s condition vulnerable, necessitating mutual treatment protocols to treat the ruptured liver abscess and cure coronavirus. Ruptured liver abscess, if not diagnosed and treated early, could turn fatal if the patient suffers from comorbidities; and across developing countries, this condition is considered a common cause of mortality. His course of illness was complicated by rapidly progressive inflammation in the lung causing ARDS due to life-threatening COVID infection, requiring high dose steroids and ventilatory care.

Commenting on the patient’s condition and treatment administered, Dr. Santhosh Enaganti, Senior Consultant Medical Gastroenterologist and Hepatologist, Continental Hospitals who headed the team of experts to treat the patient, said, “The patient’s health condition was delicate and necessary tests were conducted to ascertain the complexity. Subsequently, it was decided to take a minimally invasive therapeutic approach to treat the condition, which was done successfully by percutaneous drainage of the abscess by Dr. Khajindar Shridhar Raghavendra, Interventional Radiologist. Post the surgical procedure, the patient required 4 weeks of ICU & ventilation and 2 weeks of pulmonary rehabilitation in the ward with minimal oxygen support to ensure he recovers from severe pneumonia caused due to coronavirus. After 45 days of hospitalization, the patient is hale and hearty and has been discharged from the hospital.”
Ruptured liver abscess, alternately known as the hepatic abscess is a nearly fatal condition, due to arising complications like sepsis. Following only antibiotic therapy to treat such conditions could be disastrous at times, and hence such patients must opt for hospitalization and get treated by surgical means.

Dr. Nalini Nagalla, Senior Consultant Pulmonologist, who managed the COVID infection said it was a tough situation to treat rapidly progressive COVID inflammation with high dose steroids and other anti-inflammatory drugs in the background of resolving liver abscess. He required a multidisciplinary team approach with excellent care provided by the Critical Care team led by Dr. Palepu Gopal, Chief of Critical Care and Senior Consultant Intensivist. It was a miracle to get the patient out of the critical condition, successfully winning over liver abscess, COVID ARDS, secondary infections, and lung fibrosis. Presently he is undergoing Pulmonary rehabilitation at home.  

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