Paytm launches Diwali Tambola game for users with a chance to win upto Rs. 11,000

11-11-2020 Wed 14:25

  • Paytm Diwali Tambola offers users the chance to win upto Rs. 11,000 by collecting much-loved Diwali items on their Tambola ticket
  • Participants can collect the items simply by using their Paytm app and engaging in activities
Hyderabad: India’s home-grown digital financial services platform Paytm has launched Paytm Diwali Tambola that offers users the chance to engage with one of India's favourite festival games in the run up to India's biggest festival. Users can collect Diwali items on a Tambola ticket by doing various activities and transactions on Paytm. Available till 30 November, the fun game allows users to complete various offers that have cashback upto Rs.11,000.

Aimed at enabling users to spend the festive season in an entertaining way, the Paytm Diwali Tambola game has been created keeping in mind the joyous nature of Diwali which infuses daily life with moments of happiness. On entering the game, every participant gets a Tambola ticket displayed on top, along with a list of Diwali items to be collected. Participants start off by receiving the complimentary Agarbatti item, as they begin the exercise of collecting other Diwali items such as Crackers, Sweets, Diwali Gifts etc by performing various activities such as paying at local Kirana stores, making money transfers and settling bills on Paytm. Participants can also gift a Diwali Item to friends and win a surprise Diwali item in return.

A Paytm spokesperson said, "As the festival of lights approaches, this game is also our humble effort to bring Indians' favourite festive game Tambola to life. This has been a tough year for people as the pandemic rolls on, and while people may not be able to meet friends and family or enjoy festivities like other years, they can still play Paytm's Tambola game with anyone, anywhere in the country."

Various combinations of items on the Tambola ticket has been curated to provide cashbacks and ensure that users have the potential to win some reward in multiple scenarios. Exciting cashbacks can be won by collecting sets of Diwali items on the Tambola ticket such as Early 7, Corners, Lines and Full House. Early 7 enables a cashback upto Rs. 500 if users can collect any 7 items on the ticket and Corners ensures a similar prize for collecting the 4 corner items on the ticket. Lines provide a cashback of Rs. 1000 for collecting all 4 items in a horizontal line. Finally, Full House locks in a special cashback upto Rs. 5000 if users can collect all 20 items on the ticket. The game can be easily accessed in the Cashbacks and Offers section, as well as in the Trending Now section of the Paytm App.

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