In Myntra’s new campaign, Star Couple Chaitanya and Samantha Akkineni spread the festive cheer with their adorable chemistry

10-11-2020 Tue 16:46

India, November 10, 2020: The most loved celebrity couple of Tollywood, Chaitanya and Samantha Akkineni, power Myntra’s special festive campaign, touching millions of their fans, especially from the South region. Overloaded with cuteness and the couple’s much-celebrated real-life chemistry, the film showcases Myntra’s wide collection of festive fashion across International and domestic brands for an entire family, to mark the ongoing festivities.
The brand campaign celebrates the spirit of the season by bringing to the fore the beauty of family bonding and the joy of gifting during festivals. With the festival of lights, Diwali, on the horizon, the film lays a subtle, yet noteworthy, significance on the joy of festivities and celebrations with family and friends in life, during these unprecedented times.
The film will further drive Myntra’s popularity as the go-to destination for shopping this festive season and beyond. Gifting, another important part of festive traditions, will take even more significance this year, given the virtual nature of celebrations and social events. 
As such, the campaign aptly brings to attention Myntra’s ability to comfortably cater to any family's festive shopping needs, not just for ethnic wear but across various categories including kids’ fashion. Myntra will be offering the best festive deals and offers for Diwali from October 30 - November 4.
About the film:
The film puts the spotlight on the joys of gifting and celebrating festive traditions with loved ones. It opens with Chaitanya calmly reading a book on the couch before Samantha walks out and playfully teases him to leave all their festive shopping to her. Chaitanya grins and confidently opens the Myntra app, much to Samantha’s surprise. We then see Chaitanya seamlessly scrolling through the app and browsing all the top brands as he and Samantha decide gifts for various family members, choosing from different categories including ethnic wear and casual wear. 
After the couple settles on an elegant handcrafted saree for Chaitanya’s mother, Samantha heads to the kids' store on the Myntra app. The film closes out with the couple sharing a light-hearted moment when Chaitanya notices Samantha taking a keen interest in the cute outfits worn by the kids and says “Don’t get any ideas, ok!. A voiceover at the end urges viewers to have their life’s wonderful moments styled by Myntra.

Creative Credits: Brave New World,
Production credit: Blackbox Productions

Link to film:

Speaking on the occasion, Harish Narayanan, Head of Marketing, Myntra, said, “Chaitanya and Samantha Akkineni personify style and fashion and their ability to connect with the audience, as South India’s power couple, will deepen Myntra’s bond in the market. Known for their charming on-screen chemistry, strong and amicable family orientation, and relatability with the audience, the couple will be able to instantly strike a chord with their fan base. Samantha, in her role as our brand ambassador, is efficiently driving positive consumer engagement and brand building for Myntra. The new film, with the star couple, will act as an added layer to Myntra’s ongoing festive campaigns.”

Commenting on the brand campaign, Chaitanya and Samantha Akkineni, said “Our values and traditions keep us bonded with our family and we love celebrating our special occasions, including festivals, with them. Our association with Myntra is about celebrating the upcoming festive season with close family and friends, in style of course! Their collections and styles range from traditional to edgy and conventional to fusion, suiting India’s diverse taste of festive fashion. The concept of the film is so relatable that it got us into the festive groove much in advance and now we are eagerly looking forward to some great family time.” 

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