Blue Dart launches the ‘My Blue Dart App’ to mark its 37th Anniversary

23-11-2020 Mon 14:18

  • Available on Google Play and Apple Store
  • The app enables GPS location finder, bar code scanning for AWBs, request pick-ups for registered users – all at the touch of a button
Hyderabad, 23rd November 2020: India’s leading express logistics service provider, Blue Dart has always been an innovator with a sharp focus on technology. Leveraging its expertise as a market leader in innovation and customer centricity, Blue Dart part of the Deutsche Post DHL Group (DPDHL), has launched its first ever consumer app, the ‘My Blue Dart App’. The app has been designed to provide tailored solutions and act as a one stop shop for customers ‘on-the-go’. The ‘My Blue Dart App’ is currently available on Google Play and Apple Store.

Blue Dart has successfully established itself as the leading logistics player in India since its inception in 1983. This is attributed to the brand’s strong legacy and heritage of 37 years, built by its dedication to relentless customer centricity and constant innovation. The launch of the app is another accomplishment symbolic of Blue Dart’s continuous endeavor to bring in digital innovation in business dealings and marks its journey to continue to remain a leader in the logistics and aviation industry.

Commenting on the app launch, Mr. Manoj Madhavan, CIO, Blue Dart, said “Being the market leader in technology, Blue Dart has constantly augmented customer experience while always ensuring timely and seamless deliveries across the nation. The ‘My Blue Dart App’ re-emphasizes our commitment and strengthens our value proposition. Our user-friendly, secure and reliable mobile application will now allow customers to track their shipment, locate the nearest Blue Dart store or find out the best pricing anywhere and at any time all at the click of a button, through the app. With comprehensive features and ease of use, the app will be an ideal platform for our customers to fulfill all their logistics requirements.”

Ketan Kulkarni, CMO & Head – Business Development, Blue Dart, commented, “Customer centricity has always been the bedrock of our foundation. As we consistently improve systems, technology, and our people centric efforts to remain ‘India’s Most Innovative and Awarded Express Logistics Company’, the ‘My Blue Dart App’ is a step forward in leveraging the use of technology to enhance customer experience. Blue Dart has successfully steered through all testing times of business and has sustainably created value for all its stakeholders. We are extremely happy to mark this milestone, especially on the occasion of our 37th Anniversary. Our journey through the highs of digitization has been a long one, having pioneered many an initiative. It is also a testimony of the gold standard that Blue Dart, as part of the DPDHL Group, has set for itself by aligning itself with the Group’s ‘Strategy 2025 – Delivering Excellence in a Digital World’. We are positive that the app will be welcomed by our customers and they will appreciate the unparalleled experience.”

The application gives customers the flexibility to manage all their logistics requirements with 5 simple yet effective options:
  • Track Dart - Enables the customer to track their shipment anywhere, anytime. Users can use the camera to scan the barcode instead of keying in the AWB bill manually
  • Location Finder - Benefits the customer by helping them find the nearest Blue Dart store across our 14000+ locations using GPS finder
  • Transit Time & Price Finder - Provides the customer with a user-friendly method to find out the best rate while sending/receiving a shipment
  • Schedule a Pickup - A specialized post login feature for our registered credit customers
  • Contact Us - To help customers connect with our reliable, responsive, and resilient Blue Darters, eager to provide solutions to any queries
As a part of the DPDHL Group’s Strategy 2025 – Delivering Excellence in a Digital World’, Blue Dart has launched various initiatives on the digital front, particularly in the ongoing pandemic situation to reinforce customers’ trust in the brand. Adhering to the protocols of the Health Ministry, Blue Dart rolled out its Contact Less Delivery feature for its award-winning Door-to-Door Express pick-up and delivery services to allow customers to send and receive shipments without the fear of contagion. Further, the Application programming interface (API) integration-based solutions by Blue Dart is continuously enhanced for exchanging manifest at detailed levels to ensure an automated and seamless supply chain, from pre-pick up till post-delivery- 24x7.  Blue Dart has also provided customers with an array of acceptable payment modes to include 14 digital wallets, Net banking, Credit & Debit Cards, Bharat QR Code and UPI (BHIM).

Download the My Blue Dart application through:
  • Google Play:
  • Apple Store:

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